New Laws Taking Effect with the New Year

There are 931 new laws in California in 2015! 

Most of them taking effect today, January 1st.

You may know some of these new laws since they have been heavily publicized throughout 2014. For instance: AB60 – Driver License for Undocumented Immigrants (see separate post soon), Statewide plastic bag ban, increase of minimum wage, paid sick leave changes, regulations regarding selfies, the “Yes Means Yes” standard, etc.

But some of these new laws, regulations or ordinances have passed unnoticed. For instance the chicken-cage size law that may increase the price of eggs in the near future, notarization certificates changes (see separate post soon), birth and death certificates modifications in favor of same sex couples, privacy law regarding drones, etc.

FNL has gathered web links that you may find useful for knowing and understanding this full load of new laws in the state.

Happy New Year!

FNL - At Your Service

Minimum Wage Ordinance (WMO) – San Francisco


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